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    The Harper Collection: The Q&A

    We sat down with Nilüfer Bracco, Founder & Creative Director, to get some insight into niLuu's latest collection: The Harper Collection




    What inspired the new collection? 

    Originally, niLuu was conceived as a loungewear brand. To be super comfortable at home while also looking beautiful and stylish. After launching, I started wearing niLuu pieces outside, sometimes on a casual errand and later going out.  Many of our customers were doing the same and telling us about it. With the new collection I am expanding on that idea and turning niLuu into a silk-wear company with pieces for everyday wear. From elegant events to lounging by the pool, our collection affords incredible versatility for her and for him as well.


    What made you move from loungewear to everyday wear?

    I think Loungewear was the right concept for the lockdown period of the pandemic.  Staying at home but still looking and feeling good about ourselves.  Our evolution to everyday wear reflects the progression of this pandemic into something that we have to live with but where we still want and need to live our lives. Going out is "in".



    Your favorite niLuu styling tip

     In a few words: mix it up.  Try it with your high fashion items or with your cute sweatpants. niLuu pieces are extremely versatile. My husband wore harper shirts to a new year's party as well as an oscar party.  Everybody complimented him.  Experiment, mix styles, and have fun. I guarantee you will look great.