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    niLuu X PETA: The Exclusive Collaboration

    Founder & Creative Director, Nilüfer Bracco gives us the inside scoop on the  niLuu x PETA collaboration & the launch of our newest print.


    Tell us about this exciting collaboration with PETA. 



    PETA has been a partner of ours since we launched in 2020. It was important for niLuu to collaborate with an organization like PETA since we share a “no animal cruelty” ethos. niLuu’s purpose is to make luxury products sustainably; which is why our supplier has achieved a vegan label certification attesting that no animal protein is involved in the entire manufacturing process. niLuu is bringing to market a sustainable vegan silk alternative that feels even more luxurious than traditional silk and for this reason we believe that we are a good partner for PETA. Few people are aware of the cruel and unnecessary way silkworms are killed to produce traditional silk yarn and we want to change that.

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2022, niLuu and PETA will be collaborating with the launch of a Kimono in niLuu’s new and exclusive print, Lennon. The name Lennon was chosen for two reasons. Not only does it mean lover in Irish, but it is also a tribute to John Lennon who spread love and peace throughout the world. The Lennon print is a celebration of peace and harmony.


    How long have you been working on this exclusive collaboration? 

    From the beginning stages of developing the Lennon print, it has been about six months. We are very excited with the end result and can’t wait to share it with our customers.

    What does this collaboration represent to you? 

    This collaboration feels like a full circle of what niLuu has been working hard at achieving. I would say that a lot of our customers shop with niLuu because they appreciate the beauty and quality of our products and not necessarily because they are looking for a better alternative to traditional silk. As I had mentioned before, the problems with silk production are not commonly known amongst most shoppers.  We are very happy that when our clientele compares niLuu with products made with traditional silk, everyone feels that niLuu's fabric feels richer and more luxurious. So, in a way, we are achieving our goal to create an elevated silk alternative to a cruel and unsustainable product that is very common in luxury goods.

    We are happy to be shedding light to this issue by collaborating with PETA by bringing the Lennon Kimono to life. 

    Talk to us about the pattern.  


    Most of our inspiration comes from nature: animals and plants. The Lennon print showcases a black and white leopard which signifies strength and agility as well as a rare beauty. The leopard's stance is also important to note. It does not hide nor is aggressive and seems to be gently walking.  Evoking a feeling of zen, the leopard is peaceful which relates back to my inspiration of peace and harmony.

    The background to the print is a vibrant and luxurious green in which purple trees thrive. Green is of course nature's most important color and a symbol of growth and renewal. Purple, the color of royalty, luxury, and power, graces the limbs and leaves of trees on the Lennon print. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it's as if the leopard’s power were transferred to the trees, from which we all depend on to survive.

    At the end of the day, you read and get inspired but the goal is to produce gorgeous loungewear that surprises and delights. I think we achieved it here.

    Where can one purchase this exclusive kimono robe?  

    The Lennon Kimono will be available exclusively on niluu.com at the end of January; just in time for Valentine's Day.