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Mixing things up

Our innovative Vegan Silk delivers the best of two worlds. Not only does our luxury fabric feel amazing when you use it, but you can also feel good knowing that it caused minimum harm to the planet when it was produced and that it will leave only the slightest trace when it reaches the end of its lifecycle.

Clearly, Vegan Silk is not literally silk. In most of our products, it is 100% Cupro, a fiber derived from a previously discarded by-product of the cotton harvest: the seeds. In some cases, such as with our pillowcases, we mix Cupro with ECOVERO viscose. As with traditional Silk, both Cupro and Viscose fibers are incredibly long and thin, allowing for that unique soft and luxurious feeling.

The Benefits of our Vegan Silk

Not only are our fabrics silky without being slippery, anti-static, and easy to care for, they also have benefits for your skin.

The breathable fabric helps maintain your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Excellent moisture controlmeans our Vegan fabric doesn’t dry out your skin or hair in the ways that cotton, and cotton-blends would.

And to top it off, as it doesn’t cause the same friction that pulls on your skin and causes wrinkles, our Vegan silk additionally has anti-aging benefits.

Live in Luxe

Soft and comfortable, niLuu’s innovative collection comes in a variety of deep and vibrant colors, and with a soft-brushed finish typical of premium sand-washed silk. All the traditional benefits and with added weight to the fabric: that’s what makes our Vegan Silk like nothing else.

Washable Vegan Silk 101

Our Vegan Silkis 100% machine-washable and very easy to care for. Simply wash and tumble dry, ironing is optional.

To top it off, washing requires less detergent, water for cleaning and even holds on to less detergent residue for an ultimate sustainable match.

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