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In a recent Architectural Digest Italia article niLuu founder and designer Nilüfer Bracco summarized her approachable point of view on sustainable living, “Living a more sustainable life is a journey, not a destination because in our society I think it is practically impossible to live in a completely sustainable way.” She was referring to the most recent step in her own journey towards an eco-friendly lifestyle - the addition of solar panels to her Miami Beach home - but the same logic applies to building a sustainable wardrobe.

Founder Nilufer in niLuu

“We continue to read on the subject and find inspiration on how we can improve by another 10% compared to where we are,” continued Nilüfer. A sustainable closet is built over time, slowly and at times, imperfectly, but the goal is to little by little get closer to a closet filled with pieces that are improvements on what hung there before.

With the launch of this selection of new pieces - including four slip dresses, two maxi dresses, three cami tops, and new colors and patterns of existing pieces - niLuu looks to complement what you already have in your closet. Move a bit further along in your journey towards a capsule wardrobe of sustainable, luxury clothing built with innovative pieces, such as Vegan Silk, and luxury brands that prioritize ethical clothing.

To simplify how to best approach creating your own sustainable wardrobe, we’ve highlighted a few virtues to keep top of mind:

Founder Nilufer in niLuu Stevie Set


Mix & Match

niLuu’s innovative sustainable fashion collection is designed to be integrated into your wardrobe. It mixes and matches with items from other designers that you already love. Most importantly, this encourages a sustainable approach to getting dressed every day whereby, thoughtfully layering in new pieces, your older pieces are infused with new life.


The Evolving Wardrobe

A wardrobe should continue to evolve to reflect your values and lifestyle. Ten percent better is better. We advocate for a “we are doing better” approach to life – and that includes shopping. When buying something new for your wardrobe, prioritize sustainability to look and feel good in something that was ethically sourced, doesn’t hurt animals in its production, creates job opportunities for women, and pays them fair wages. Each piece in the niLuu collection reflects those values so that you can build a wardrobe that reflects your evolving self and priorities.

"We advocate for a “we are doing better” approach to life – and that includes shopping."

Slow Down

Slow fashion is the antithesis of fast fashion. In building a sustainable wardrobe, look for the most sustainable brands that have taken the time to align with the values of the slow fashion movement; meaning they are committed to advocating for and modeling respect for people, the environment, and animals in both the final product and the manufacturing process. Our 100% vegan silk pieces are sustainable, biodegradable, and made through an environmentally ethical production process. niLuu is a vegan clothing brand and our fabrics are Peta-approved as they are made without the use of any animal protein in the entire production process.

Prioritize & Redefine Luxury

The definition of luxury has changed throughout history, but right now, nothing feels more luxurious than goods of exceptional quality that are ethically sourced and considerate of the environment. Luxury, by definition, is something sumptuous, elegant, and pleasurable. As we build a sustainable wardrobe, these same phrases should apply to ethical luxury brands. Nothing is more luxurious than knowing you’re wrapped in a quality fabric that was compassionately produced.

niLuu’s silkwear is made primarily from Bemberg®, a yarn fiber derived from a by-product of cotton harvesting that we use to make our Vegan Silk, an alternative to silk. The final product loungewear and ready-to-wear pieces have benefits beyond the ethical and environmental standards for production: it is hypoallergenic, anti-static, easy to care for, and is also known to have several anti-aging benefits, it is true luxury.
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