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    Who We Are

    niLuu is a PETA-Approved vegan silk and cruelty-free loungewear brand that offers premium quality vegan silk kimonos, sleep masks, face masks, and pillowcases that combine the iconic elegance of traditional silk with a socially and environmentally ethical production process. The end  result is an unparalleled design that breathes like cotton, drapes beautifully like silk, and reflects the cultural tradition of luxury textiles Turkey.

    niLuu is the culmination of founder Nilüfer Bracco’s journey to a more sustainable life. We are here to prove that luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. As a 1% For The Planet member, we have pledged to donate 1% of our annual revenues to protecting Mother Nature.

    A Note From Our Founder

    I created niLuu with the idea that we can have the things that we love and support a sustainable future for our planet and all living creatures. 

    I have been involved in the luxury design and style industry for about 20 years. When I first saw and felt the fabric we call our Vegan Silk, I was blown away. I could tell this was better than actual Silk.

    My partner and supplier is an amazing textile company in my native country of Turkey. They are incredibly innovative as well as 100% committed to sustainability.

    It is a dream come true: to create beautiful and unique luxury products, while also supporting the causes I care deeply about: a better environment for our children, an end to animal cruelty, and empowering women in Turkey by creating better jobs.

    Perhaps, as they say, luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  It's through my failures and perseverance that I am now here. I am so excited to be able to offer a sustainable collection of luxury products that support female empowerment, a few causes that I care deeply about.