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At niluu, we take it upon ourselves to carve the path forward towards a fair and flourishing world. Through our multilayered actionable approach, we make choosing sustainable as easy as slipping on a silky-soft robe.

Sound inviting? Slip in.

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OUR COMMITMENT TO VEGANI would never hurt a fly, much less a silkworm.

Protecting our planet means protecting its inhabitants. Ipeker's proprietary Vegan Textile Process ensures no usage of animal products or by-products from raw materials to finished products allowing us to deliver you a complete cruelty-free experience from beginning to end.

To take things a step further, we have partnered with 1% for the planet donating 1% of our annual revenue towards environmental organizations working hard to protect the planet, people, and animals

From beginning, to end...

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Gentle on our skin and kind to our planet, Bemberg® is materialized from cotton linters, a fiber found in cotton seeds that has traditionally been disposed of in the past. Asahi Kasei removes all impurities from the pre-consumer waste and transforms it into a pure regenerated cellulose fiber and, well, the foundation of every niLuu garment.


Our signature cupro fabric meets ECOVERO fibers, a viscose fabric developed from raw wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. The production of ECOVERO fibers achieves a 50% reduction in water and carbon emissions compared to traditional viscose.


In addition to their environmental qualities, our fabrics have qualities that are good for you. They have moisture control to help keep your skin and hair hydrated. They have temperature controlling qualities to keep you cool and are anti-static, machine washable, and breathable.

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ETHICALLY committed




Beautiful silk-wear with a beautiful impact.

It all began after years of being on the inside of the fashion and design industry and developing a deep desire to pursue a more equitable take on the space. Combining my intuitive love for design and textiles with my long-held aspiration of healing our planet and uplifting the women of my native country, Turkey, niLuu was born.  Inspired by the long days that turn into nights and the weekdays that turn into weekends, I design each ethereal pieces to effortlessly adapt to any and every occasion. Creating pieces with an impact beyond their aesthetic value is my favorite part of this journey and connecting with those who are equally as inspired and moved by the vision to champion a healthier fashion industry, keeps me going.

Thank you for being here.

With love,

Nilufer Bracco


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From our print choices which are intended to transmit a message of positivity to our textiles and supply partners, thoughtfully selected based on responsible practices - a clear and conscious intention drives all of our decisions.

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Sustainability is a journey not a destination-and well, an imperfect one at that. We promise to always share our journey with our community with clear communication of our accomplishments and equally, of our challenges, opportunities for improvement, and milestones.

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We are 101 percent committed to our customers as well as the betterment of our practices and processes. We work tirelessly to listen to all of your feedback and requests and furthermore, to advance our social & environmental impact and we will always do so for niLuu’s lifetime.

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Fair wages, humane conditions, animal preservation, and earth-friendly practices are factors we take full responsibility for. Our fully traceable supply chain and strict standards foster an environment of health and security for our workers.