The HERA Collection

The spirit of Hera, the goddess of women, flows through Niluu’s new collection.

Set against a subtropical garden, the scent of sweet nectar in the damp air, this is a timeless wardrobe of vegan silk staples. We drew upon Greece as a metaphor for powerful stories about women and drew upon the mythological, Hera, and the historical, such Olympias, the mother of Alexander the Great and a leader of Macedon. niLuu draws upon the power of women in our minds, in our histories, and in our every day in this collection. Your fate is in your hands.

Black and White image of model in Hera collection

May the way they move bring you STRENGTH.
May the mood make you FEEL THE ROMANCE.

Model in Queen Hera one shoulder maxi dress

Model in Noir Hera Wrap Dress

FEEL the fabric on your skin.
FEEL like yourself.

Model in Cleo Hera Wrap Dress

Model in Noir Hera Slip Dress

Let the STYLE wash over you. Let there be LOVE.
Let there be BEAUTY. Let there be POWER.

Model in magnolia Hera one shoulder maxi dress

Be your own muse

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