• Dove Grace Pussy-Bow Mini Dress

    Blurring the line between

    loungewear and ready-to-wear

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  • Marrying the archetypal sophistication inherent to traditional silk with an intentional twist, niLuu brings you PETA approved vegan silk-wear to accompany you through your most treasured moments. From a celebratory fête to an evening of catching up on restorative sleep, our pieces flow with your goes.

    Jovi Grace Band Collar Shirt

  • Merlot Grace Band Collar Shirt and Dove Grace Cargo Pant

  • The Grace Collection showcasing Jovi

  • JOVI

    A pinnacle of The Grace Collection, masterfully entwining symbolism with style.

    An exquisite Jacquard fabric toile that encapsulates the beauty of the animal kingdom but also invites you to embrace the symbolism of these creatures - the elegance of leopards, the strength of tigers, the playfulness of monkeys, and the wisdom of snakes.

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