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    About Us

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    Vegan silk-wear with a beautiful impact.

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    At niLuu, we take it upon ourselves to carve the path forward towards a fair and flourishing world. Through our multilayered actionable approach, we make choosing sustainable as easy as slipping on a silky-soft robe. 

    Sound inviting? Slip in. 

    Supply Chain

    It all starts in Japan, where the very beginnings of niLuu bloom with the production of the core element behind our fabrics, Bemberg® Yarn. Subsequently the Bemberg® fibers are woven into our beautiful vegan silkat Ipeker in Turkey.And finally, the fabric is passed along to our women-led atelier to be transformed  into the ethereal silk-wear pieces that characterize niLuu.

    Our Partners

    We believe collective action to be the most powerful force of change and that is why we have selected each of our partners based on shared values, vision, and a strong sense of ethical devotion. It is through our partners, collaborators, and community that we are not only able to make an impact, but even more so, create an enduring, industry-disruptive difference and redefine the standards for companies and generations to come. 


    Ipeker, is the first V-labeled fabric producer in the world and our key partner. We partnered with Ipeker to create the best cruelty-free and earth-friendly alternative to silk. Driven by the commitment towards sustainable production for the generations to come, Ipeker’s production practices are driven by the pillars of the Green Factory Program:

    Reduced Carbon Footprint: Resulted in the saving of 982,646 grown trees and reduction of 158,364 tonnes of CO2 so far.

    Purification Plant: The water used for production comes from the industrial zone’s purification plant.

    Zero Waste Production:Waste resulting from the process is either reused as raw material internally or it becomes other licensed textile companies’ inputs.

    Clean Energy: The facility’s energy is generated from renewable sources.


    Leaving the times of trends behind and embracing a fresh take on season-less moda,the lifetime of our pieces sits at the forefront of our design and construction process. We believe the best way to avoid waste is to put a hard stop to the production of items with a single-use purpose.  Each of our pieces are crafted with durability and performance in mind allowing you to wear them time and time again today, and for all of the seasons to come. 

    Like all great things, our pieces keep to their earth-loving legacies even when they come to their end. 100 percent biodegradable, our fabrics leave no trace behind once discarded.

    Animal Welfare

    Protecting our planet means protecting its inhabitants. Ipeker’s proprietary Vegan Textile Process ensures no usage of animal products or by-products from raw materials to finished products allowing us to deliver you a complete cruelty-free experience from beginning to end. 

    To take things a step further, we have partnered with 1% to the planet donating 1% of our annual revenue towards environmental organizations working hard to protect the planet, people, and animals.

    Get to know our fabrics

    Drawing on Turkey’s great tradition in luxury textiles, each of our materials have been selected for their high quality, durability, and performance.

    Most of our pieces are made from 100 percent Bemberg® Fabric, with the only exception being the Olivia collection and the solid color pillowcases, which are crafted using the Curpo Ecovero Viscose Blend. 

    Now onto the great stuff…

    In addition to their environmental benefits,  our fabrics possess the following qualities: