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    About Us

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    The brand

    Marrying the archetypal sophistication inherent to traditional silk with an intentional twist, niLuu brings you PETA approved vegan silk-wear to accompany you through your most treasured moments. From a celebratory fête to an evening of catching up on restorative sleep, our pieces flow with your goes. 

    Blurring the line between loungewear and outerwear,  luxury and sustainability, niLuu  focuses on meticulous and timeless construction, welcoming an era of refined comfort with an earth-positive footprint.

    An ode to founder Nilufer Bracco’s roots, niLuu’s meaningful designs toast to Turkey’s full bodied aesthetic culture. Rich in color, texture, and narrative, we invite  you to carry the spirit of intention into whatever it is your day holds.

    Our Founder

    Years of being on the inside of the fashion and design industry is where it all began. A deep desire to pursue  a more equitable, conscious, and responsible industry is where it all took off. 

    “I first came to the US through a professional volleyball scholarship opportunity and in a rare turn of events, landed in the world of luxury design and fashion.  Many fashion and styling jobs later, I found myself inspired by the space yet disappointed by its consequences. I eventually let go of the styling jobs but held on to the creativity and spark that the space ignited in me.

    Reimagining the world of luxury, I combined  my experience as an athlete and an aesthete to conceptualize niLuu. Embracing a relaxed approach to elegance, niLuu brings together exceptional craft, sustainability, and my long time dream of providing women with opportunities. 

    Thank you for being here!”

    With love,

    Nilufer Bracco

    Our Mission

    At niLuu we celebrate Gaia* everyday. Her beauty, biodiversity and generosity is the driving force behind our mission to elevate the fashion industry by championing practices that work in harmony rather than against our planet and people.

    In constructing each one of our garments we also build upon our vision of establishing collective and continual change in an industry that for years has dissociated sustainability and luxury. As we bring our pieces to life, we simultaneously bring to life a better way forward.

    To learn more about our sustainability efforts please visit our sustainability page.

    Gaia- “Mother Earth”