Stay at HOME with

We love a woman with a cause, as they continue to inspire us to do better. We invite you to get to know them as they stay at home with niLuu.


niLuu: What are you passionate about?
April Grant: I’m passionate about social injustice. Specifically food insecurity, women and children’s shelters and Guardian ad Litem programs. I wish I had more time to be involved with these much needed programs!
niLuu: How does wearing niLuu feel?
AG: Wearing niLuu makes me feel invincible!! It’s incredibly soft, it almost feels like I’m wearing nothing. The patterns are so beautiful I would definitely wear out on a night on the town as well as lounging in my home!!
niLuu: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
AG: I’m a 3rd generation Fort Lauderdale native; my mom and I were born at Broward General and my mom and grandmother both graduated from Fort Lauderdale High; AND I live in the house I came home from the hospital too!!
Stay in touch with April: @grantworld
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